Exercise 14. Choose the correct variant.

1. After she retired, Hannah wrote a book about her experience / experiences as a war reporter.

2. Gangs of youth / youths rioted for two nights on the streets of the capital.

3. Japan has refused to send a representative to the talk / talks in Geneva.

4. Most of the players had kept themselves in good condition / conditions over the summer months.

5. Take pain / pains to present a smart, efficient appearance, and to show that you are keen to progress in the company.

6.We're going on a bus tour today, to see the sight / sights of Copenhagen.

7. The custom / customs officer opened my suitcase and examined the contents.

8. She noticed the alteration in his look / looks.

9. It was the British who scooped the honour / honours at last night's Oscars.

10. Rebel force / forces now control most of the capital.

11. Police lost sight / sights of the man when he ran into a crowd of people.

12. Many of our great work / works of art are being sold and exported.

13. A candidate's character and qualifications are more important than past experience / experiences.

14. The skin is covered with microscopic hair / hairs, invisible to the naked eye.

15. The minute / minutes of a meeting are a meeting report that is sent after the meeting, and include a report of what was said and decided during the meeting.

16. Custom / customs fees are paid in advance as part of your airline ticket.

17. Damages / damage of 2500 were awarded by the court.

18. It was the last day of term and everyone was in high spirit / spirits.

19. These machines are often not suited to local condition / conditions and so tend to break down.

20. He was now satisfied that the family honour / honours had been restored.

21. The contract was not signed and has no binding force / forces.