A. Discuss.

1) Do you work or study long hours/at weekends/ at nights?

2) What is your favorite time of the day/week? Why?

3) What is your least favorite time of the day/week? Why?

4) What is a typical day like for you?

5) What do you do in your free time?

B. Here are some verb phrases connected with daily routine.

chat on the phone go to the cinema get up early go to bed late stay in bed late have breakfast/lunch/dinner watch TV drive a car check your e-mails do sport go for a walk go clubbing play bowling do nothing catch a bus/train/taxi study hard eat out stay in

C. Look at the verb phrases in the box above. In your copybooks:

1) write the things you do every day

2) write the things you only do at weekends

3) write the things you sometimes do

4) write the things you never do

D. Write more verb phrases of things you do

v every day

v only at weekends

E. Compare your list from D with a partner. Do you do the same things?